Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love is like war, easy to start hard to end impossible to forgot !!!! so don't love anyone

It's sleepless nights !!! desperate to have a girlfriend in my life. "Love" this word began when i was in my 7th Std.,Kartik given 4 love letters at a time and that stunned me and i guess this is in 1997. Is that good sign ? Truly "NO". I never entertained my friends from then on this.

Now its 8th Aug 2008 !!! after completion of college, only thought in my mind is to settle in my life. so its work, work ,work ..... none other than this in my mind.... but on that day can't forgot that lovely gal n my life. Fortunately it happened to c her reply with my query and love to see her face that took almost a months of time. Love is surely not generating by personality, height, weight and are all. so in that way i never bothered about her.

Late night sms, chat that rocked my life differently first time because of girl. Regular weekend meet ups made the relationship stronger week by week, and regular phone calls day by day further developed.

"Alcohol will ruin your brain, may be life too" yes it's on 21st Nov 2008, i tried to call many times in the span of 3 hours, she didn't pick my call. That aroused me to drink more further. finally i depressed and sent one sms stating "..............." unknowingly. I am sure its not bad about her, but i messaged about attitude. That call from 10pm changed entirely, she is mistaken me big time and avoided my contact further.

I felt single day looks 1 month. days are not moving that too in Dec month, i addicted more to alcohol. one of my worst productivity started in that period :( ....
During 25th 2008 Christmas day and next day, i was waited for so long to meet her despite i have important meeting in Mumbai. the only thing she informed is " i hate you " and "i don't want to meet you". It's like hell out of pain for me and after long days i started crying. Friends - That is love. It's not so easy to leave.

Days are slowly moving, its very hard to forgot. Its again sleepless night, one SMS bursted and played n my life.

Then somehow managed to talk back and expressed our feelings each other 26th jan 2009. Thanks to shobhi ( Hey shobhi thanks de, "Kadal kadandhu nee vaalanthaalum i never forgot u n my life" :) ) who helped me lot. Then the real practical love battle started.... It's very big story and taught me a lot in my life during 2009, importantly the word "Marriage"

Marriage : I want to see the person who invented the "Horoscope". Poor girl, she broken relationship for this. May be some other reasons too. But i stopped to finding the reasons nowadays. Expectations always hurtz!

But its impossible to forgot you de, Long live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So friends pls believe this:

"Love is like war,
easy to start
hard to end
impossible to forgot !!!!
so don't love anyone"
But, I Love you de

I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.

With Love


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